Signing within your organization

The right signage in the elderly home ensures that your visitors can orientate themselves immediately upon entering. With the right signs in the right place, this brings peace to the elderly home.

You can buy standard signing, but for you as a care provider it is more interesting to have this in line with your house style. This provides a bit of recognition for your clients. At ISC, we have everything in house to make a beautiful signing plan for you. 

Signing voor bejaardentehuis

Signing in the elderly home

Extend your identity to your department and complete the picture with signing!

This can be done by placing stickers in your house style on windows and doors, giving a special wall in your care home an upgrade or special floor stickers to indicate routes. In this way, you can easily and quickly adapt an area to your corporate identity. All our floor stickers are non-slip and wear-resistant.

Signing verzorgingstehuis

One way vision

We also have one-way vision stickers for windows, which allow your residents to look outside but not in. This results in the necessary privacy.

Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities for your organization.

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