Elderly woman and companion play with Swinging Top Maze
Elderly woman and companion play with Swinging Top Maze

Fun games for the elderly

Although games are usually considered as simple ways to pass the time, it is now becoming more and more clear that play has fantastic benefits as well – in a playful way, you can help maintain mental abilities and create engagement between residents!

With our play concepts, eye-hand coordination can be exercised, the needed brain and memory training can be easily attained, and everyone's desire for social connection can all be fulfilled at the same time.

BRYM Table

This play table helps create conversation and a happy atmosphere. The interactive games help contribute to cognitive skills in a fun way. Play some nostalgic, old-fashioned games the residents are already familiar with, or easily introduce brand new games!

  • A fantastic way to socialize
  • Positive effects on mental abilities
  • Old-fashioned pastimes in a new way

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ISC collection I interactive play systems for the elderly

Tip of the Iceberg

This game about agility offers a fun challenge in which a little ball needs to be guided through an interesting 3D maze. This game can be played by letting the wheel turn around in the right direction, with the right timing.

  • A beautiful addition to any interior
  • Sufficiently challenging for all players
  • Helps to exercise eye-hand coordination

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ISC Collection I Wall Games Tip of the Iceberg

Swinging Top Maze

This self-contained wooden play module can be played in the center of any space, and contains a little ball that can be guided through a maze towards a hole in the center, by tilting the table top.

The Swinging Top Maze is available in two heights so players can have fun while sitting down or standing up.

  • Fun to try together
  • An interesting addition to the common area
  • Provides light exercise and trains cognitive abilities

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ISC Collection I Swinging Top Maze in a Nursing Home