Elderly woman and companion play with Swinging Top Maze

Exercise for the elderly

It is often a challenge to get elderly residents to remain active and to participate in fun exercise activities.

Safe and easy to use play modules help make it fun and easy to achieve the daily movement needs! These modules make exercise accessible and integrate it into everyday life, and provide new ways to bring gymnastics into the care home!

Activity Wall

The buttons that are spread all over the wall light up randomly, after which the player can press them to score points. By placing the Activity Wall in a central location, residents can effortlessly incorporate some movement into their day-to-day!

  • Encourages movement and trains reflexes
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Wall design can be fully customised

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Activity Wall | Shanghai design wall

GYM Swedish Ladder

This swedish ladder can be used as gymnastics bars to perform light exercise. A few possible exercises are depicted on wood blocks at the top of the wall bars. When all exercises are completed and the blocks are turned over, a rewarding message appears.

  • Great for active seniors
  • Durable for years to come
  • Fitting for virtually all interiors

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ISC Collection I Movement for the elderly with the GYM Swedish ladder

Activity Module

The Activity Module is the compact version of the Activity Wall. This game gives the player 25 seconds to press as many illuminated buttons as possible. The scoreboard shows the total amount of points so personal records can be tracked.

  • Contributes to eye-hand coordination
  • Very compact and mountable on any wall
  • Fits well in any space

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ISC collection I Activity Module used for the movement of elderly people