Never too old to play!

Elderly woman and companion play with Swinging Top Maze
Elderly woman and companion play with Swinging Top Maze

Playing games together enhances our enjoyment of life

Social connection creates joy of life

We develop play concepts that allow the elderly to experience more fun and social connection. Our concepts include wooden as well as digital modules that inspire and stimulate the mind, and help contribute to a healthy memory, cognitive skills and a better quality of life.

Our passion for the value of play began with our company IKC, International Kids Concepts. We find that playing at an older age is just as valuable as playing at a young age. This is the philosophy on which International Senior Concepts is built.

Our concepts are stylish and created to fit in perfectly with all sorts of spaces. We offer fair prices, so we can create play value for all budgets. No contracts, but a clear one time purchase. It is even possible to start a donation campaign for an organisation you would like to support with fun games for the people.

Discover our Activity Walls, wooden play modules and more.