Design Department of ISC
Design Department of ISC

Our ISC Design Team

All our designs come from the creative hands of our designers. They dedicate themselves daily to creating imaginative concepts. Whether it is the development of a new product or a design for an entire interior, everything is designed with care and attention to detail.

Our team focuses on the design and production process:

  • High play value and simplicity
  • Positioning new designs within our existing range
  • Selecting beautiful materials and colours 
  • The final exterior finish

Our design process

In order to achieve the best results with our products, ISC and the customer need to work closely together. In cooperation with various organisations, we test new products in order to achieve the best result.

When designing our products, we consider the specific needs of the customer in every detail. In fact, our products are made specifically for them. From the paint mark on the wood, the way a push button is activated or the sound it makes, there is nothing left to coincidence by our designers.

Every day, our creative and imaginative design team empathises with the world of experience and mobility of the elderly. In this way, they ensure that each concept fits into its intended space and offers the elderly the greatest possible enjoyment.

When presenting a concept, a 3D presentation is used that gives a realistic impression of what the desired game concept will look like.

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