ISC | Crowdfunding
ISC | Crowdfunding

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For many organisations, investing is a big step that might even seem impossible.

Do you recognise the value play concepts could bring to your organisation or (grand)parents?

International Senior Concepts helps create possibilities for acquiring play modules with the support of others. By gathering funds together, we can all contribute to a happier life for our loved ones and their fellow residents.


How does it work

Together with families, friend groups or various departments within your organisation, you can collaborate to collect funds into one central account at ISC, and work together towards a common goal or wishlist.

When the goal is reached, we will make sure that your newly acquired products are installed as quickly as possible.

You can set a specific deadline before which the funds need to have been collected. In case the goal is not reached, the collected funds will be gifted as a donation to the organisation of your choice.

Still left with some questions? Our specialists will gladly assist you. You can read our general terms and conditions here.