Activity Wall

How do you keep people fit and moving?

Our Activity Wall aims to encourage movement and training our ability to react. These interactive walls have buttons that are spread over the entire wall. Whenever a button lights up and is pressed, the player will score one point. Then another button will light up, and so on.

You can also choose to install an Experience Wall. For example, with jungle animals and their respective sounds that will be played from inside the buttons.

It is also possible to expand the amount of buttons per 8 pieces, for larger walls. This game can be installed on any wall, and will be a fun addition to any room. It can be designed entirely in your own style or according to your wishes. Whether it's a field of flowers, or well-known city streets, we can make any wall in any size you desire!

ISC Collection I Activity wall, Movement makes caring more fun

Have a look at some of the possibilities: